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'Preserving the Past for the Future'

 Located in Polk City, Iowa the Big Creek Historical

 Society (BCHS) was established in 1993. BCHS

 operates a museum displaying Big Creek area

 artifacts and history. The museum is located in the

 historic City Hall at 116 3rd Street. The organizations

 name was taken from the name of the original

 settlement built on the banks of Big Creek - Big Creek

 Settlement founded in 1850 by George and Hester

 Beebe. BCHS is active in the community promoting

 the rich history of the Big Creek area. History of the

 area is brought to life by the Big Creek Players.


 The hold vault, built in 1880, located in the historic

 Polk City Cemetery was restored in 1995. The

 cemetery is the resting place for many of the early

 pioneers of the area, builders of Polk City and forty five

 Civil War veterans.


 The Beebe family cemetery, located on Broadway

 Street in Polk City, not far from the location of the

 family's log cabin, is the resting place for six of the

 family's children. The cemetery was restored in 2001.

 The Beebe family remained in the community for

 approximately thirty-five years prior to continuing

 their journey on to Salt Lake City, Utah.



 A school bell, taken from a school that was built  in

 1893, which was cast in 1905 is displayed in the

 town square. The bell was cast with the school

 board members names and the statement

 "Knowledge is better than Gold". The bell was

 placed  in the town square in 2002.


 Restoration of the Big Creek School House, built

 in  1863.